Chichen Itza - Cancun

Top things to do in Cancun. There are many places you can visit. Izamal you can see it in half a day, and is an hour from Merida. Then west to Valldolid, Chichen Itza and Coba, then Merida to Uxmal and Izamal. Then over to Holbox.

How I planed my trip?

I booked it through a travel agency and it was a package for 5 days. It included the resort, flight ticket and transportation. the price was around 3000 dollars for 2 people.

We prepared our luggage the day before the trip. On the travel day, we got Uber to take us to the airport. We arrived to the airport at 4 pm. our flight was at 6 pm, so we arrived 2 hours before to check in the airport.

The flight was from San Diego airport to Miami Airport. We waited in Miami airport about 4 hours and it was a hell of long time. The airport seats were so uncomfortable. The 2nd flight was from Miami to Cancun.

How is the weather in Cancun in December?

Since, our trip was in December. The weather was hot. You know, it’s Caribbean weather, hot/warm weather year round.

We arrived at the airport and Airport Officer checked our traveling documents and everything went smooth. Hint: The paper they give you at the airport fill it and keep it. Don’t throw it away because you will need it again when you depart from Cancun.

We took our luggage and walked outside the airport and the weather was really hot. I was wearing a hoodie and I couldn’t handle the heat. Make sure you wear some light t-shirts or shirts.

The driver was waiting to take us to the resort “El Dorado Seaside Suites”. the destination between the airport and the resort was an hour.

By the way, I recommend this resort for many reasons. I will talk a little more about them later.

We arrived to the resort and checked-in. Then they took us to our room. It was on the 4th floor and it has a balcony pool, right off the door. I loved it!

If you want to book at this resort make sure to book in seaside suits. there are other suits that do not have balcony pool. unless you don’t care for the pool.

Why I do recommend this Resort?

  • The service is amazing! They will do anything to make you happy.
  • Room service 24/7. If you got hungry and you feel like drinking or eating after midnight, just pick up the phone and call.
  • The resort’s night activities. You will enjoy them, if you like to hear some local music or watch Mayan culture shows and other more variety shows…
  • The Diversity they have, different type of food and many restaurants like, Italian food, Asian food, Mexican food…etc.
  • The night bars are awesome and fun! Who doesn’t like to drink and have fun on the beach?
  • For those whom like to smoke, there is a hookah bar too.
  • The Massage : They have a setup for to get a massage right of the beach. Every body likes to have a good massage and relax after a long day .
  • Shuttles are available all the time and will take you around the resort.
  • The beach is amazing and the pool bar too.

Food and drinks are included! You do not pay for them!

My recommendations for travel gears

Let us talk about the places in Cancun and talk about the top things you can do in Cancun and best places to visit.


Chichén Itzá Archaeological Site and one of the most well known Mayan sites. You can see many structures, and the highest one is the Kukulkan temple. It takes 2 hours to visit the place. It’s impressive in size of the main pyramid as I recall but it was overrun by harassing vendors. I can’t recall if they allow you to climb to the top of the pyramid like you can at some other sites, such as in Belize. Tulum was prettier and you can take a dip in the ocean below. But you can’t go to the Yucatan and skip Chichen-Itza.


Tulum was another beautiful place to visit. It has one of the most beautiful beaches and historical structures to see.

Cenotes and Paradise Lagoon

Cenotes and Paradise Lagoon are amazing and mind blowing. I really love those places. it was underground cave and you can dive and discover it.

Isla Mujeres

We visited Isla Mujeres on the 3rd day of our trip and the driver took us from the resort to Isla port. There you have to remove your shoes and long pants (Only shorts allowed) before you get in to the Yacht. The view from the yacht is nice. They served us lunch and drinks. The beach there is awesome. I would like to go again and spend more time there on the beach.

Izamal you can see it in half a day, and is an hour from Merida. Then west to Valldolid, Chichen Itza and Coba, then Merida to Uxmal and Izamal. Then over to Holbox.

I would like to go back again to Cancun and spend more time and see other places I didn’t get to visit. It’s on my bucket list.