Top 5 Places to Visit in California

Before, I start talking about the top places to visit in California. Let me recommend how to start. If you are planning to take a road trip to these beautiful places or if you are a foreign tourist and coming to visit the golden state. You need to prepare yourself very well and surround yourself with the right equipment like a good camera to take unforgettable pictures of your beautiful memories. My recommendation is GoPro HERO 9 camera. It’s amazing and it’s tiny and it fits in your pocket and it’s a waterproof camera. It also, has many features and you can take 5K videos or record a time lapse video. I really recommend you to take a road-trip. You will see beautiful places and small towns alongside the road. Get your gears and here is my list of the 5 top places to visit in California.

California- the very word conjures up striking images of salty air and sun-kissed hair, of palm trees and ocean breeze, spectacular sunrises, and striking sunsets. I could wax eloquence but words fall short when it comes to describing this magnificent state. 

From being the largest wine-growing region in the country and also the seat of the entertainment industry, to the cliff-lined beaches, Sin City, Disneyland, the National Parks, and even the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s a lot to see and do here.  To makethings easier for you here’s a list of the 5 best places to visit in this west coast state.

1. Yosemite National Park

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this 75,000-acreNational Park is the artwork of Mother Nature – including stupendous waterfalls, giant Sequoia trees, breath-taking cliff faces, and some distinct rock formations.

Despite the large acreage, the tourist sights are concentrated around an 8-square-mile area. The Yosemite Valley with its famous landmarks like the Half Dome and El Capitan is great for hiking and other activities. The best time to visit is in May and September when the park is not too crowded.

2. Avalon Canyon, Catalina Island

If you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors, head over to the Avalon Canyon. Home to Wrigley Mansion, you’ll get to explore the beautiful Botanical Garden and its vast variety of endangered plant species. 

For those who want to snorkel, kayak, and paddleboard, you can visit the Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve in the canyon. You can also take an underwater cruise and explore marine life a few feet below the surface.  

3. Disneyland

This is something that children and adults both look forward to! The very first of the Disney theme parks or ‘castle parks’ in the world– this was the only one that was built under Walt Disney’s supervision. Located in Anaheim, this world- famous theme park will leave you with enough memories for a lifetime. 

For those who want to spend time shopping, dining, and taking in the local flavors, head to the Downtown Disney District, where you can buy merchandise, crunch on some candy apples, and crisped rice treats in the shape of chicken drumsticks! No matter what your age, you’d be a kid again in this whimsical land of Disney.

4. Death Valley

The name may sound intimidating, but the place is just as beautiful. Housing the lowest lake in North America. This national park is worth a visit for its sand dunes, salt flats, mountains, and craters. Being the hottest, driest and lowest point in North America, it is also the most inhospitable terrain, but well worth a visit to take in Stovepipe Wells, Badwater Basin (below sea level), The Racetrack, Zabriskie Point, and Dante’s View just to name a few. 

You’ll find some restaurants serving great burgers, chili dogs, and steak on the highway. The best time to visit would be between mid-October and mid-May.

5. Lake Tahoe

Situated in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lake Tahoe is known as California’s premier skiing destination. The lake described by Mark Twain as “the fairest picture the whole earth affords”, owes its brilliant topaz color to its depth of around 1640 feet. From nature walks, hiking, and water sports in the summer to skiing, sleigh riding, and sledding in the winter. There’s a lot to do here including numerous golf courses where you can show off your precision skills. 

Post sunset, head over to one of many casinos and nightclubs to take in the nightlife. Food and music lovers can visit Lake Tahoe. During the Food & Wine Festival in September, or the Jazz & Funk Fest in August.


If you are planning a visit to this sunshine state. You need to mark off more than a few days – and even then, it wouldn’t do justice. This culturally rich state is known for its diversity and has everything you need to enjoy and explore. Whether you’readventure-hungry or food-hungry, you’re sure to come home with wonderful memories and stories.