Yosemite valley

My trip to Yosemite national park was amazing and everything went as I planned. I was a little bit disappointed because most of the roads and glacier point at Yosemite park were closed, so I did not get the opportunity to ski. I had booked the hotel through the booking app and used it for most of the booking.

Why I picked Yosemite Valley Lodge?

For 2 reasons. It is in the heart of Yosemite national park and remarkably close to Yosemite falls, half dome, mirror lake and el Capitan. I had done my research and I had looked at other hotels for a second option and I compared them. I found Yosemite Valley lodge to be the best for me to stay inside Yosemite national park.

Is Yosemite Valley Lodge worth the money?

Yes, if you looking to stay in the heart of Yosemite park and if the locations and views matter for you then this hotel is the best choice for you. I stayed 2 nights and drove from san Diego to Yosemite park and it took me about 8 hours with stops to use bathroom and get fuel, maybe because I drove a little bit fast. I took the freeway 5, 99 and 141.

The lady on the front desk was nice and helpful and she answered all my questions. She gave us a tip to not leave food inside the car overnight since Yosemite is bears home and they can smell the food and open the cars to get the food. The parking was excellent. There are plenty of parking spots and you will not find it difficult to park your car.

My room was in Juniper building and it was on the second floor. I picked the 2nd floor. The room was nice. it has a big view window and it also has a balcony with a mountain view. It is really an amazing view. The room has double beds, dining table, coffee maker, a fan, portable heater and comfortable chair. The room does not have a microwave. I know this is disappointing since a lot of people like to bring their meals and heat them.

Things I like about the hotel and the room.

  • The location and the view.
  • The parking spaces. Its free and easy to park.
  • The room was clean even though there was a little spot on the chair.
  • The hotel customer service was excellent. I called to ask for extra cover and flat pillows because I do not like to sleep on hard pillows. They brought them in just 5 minutes.

Things I dislike about the hotel and the room.

  • Wi-Fi was awful. Its unusable and I tried to call to see if they have a paid Wi-Fi, but the answer was no.
  • Phones signal does not work good at the hotel due to the mountains around. If you planning to use your laptop or phone for work, you need to figure out something else.
  • Pillows are hard. I don’t know but I’m talking about myself because I can’t sleep on hard pillows, so I asked for a flat one.
  • The shower pressure was weak.
  • Its an old property that has not really remodeled.
  • I can hear the people next to my room clearly like they are in my room.

The restaurant has limited options like burger, pizza and other meals like fried chicken or salmon. The food was ok though but pricy. I only tired the beef burger and crispy chicken sandwich and they cost me about $40. I ended up spending about $ 150 on food since they only have one restaurant. If you planning to come, bring your own food with you. It is way cheaper than to buy it from their restaurant.

Overall, the hotel itself was good. Do not forget that, you only pay for the location and the beautiful view.