Decorating the entrance to your home with the right materials that talk about your style and beauty will appear to be a challenging job. Often, even if you discover the perfect style and material for the front entrance, the latter’s variation should be enough to make you blow your brains.

You should not judge a book by its cover- however, in certain cases, I think it’s reasonable to judge your house by your entrance wall. Whether it’s a large house or a little apartment, the entrance to your home is the very first thing that guests can see as they walk into your house and the vision that greets you back home every day.

So, I just recently worked on my entrance wall. The finish was great! I didn’t expect this to turn out so amazing. Particularly because I was reluctant to use Marble. I had two choices of marble or quartz. After 2 days of heading to the floor & décor store to choose the correct one from the entrance wall, I opted to go for the marble.

I began the project, and I completed it in just one day! I began at 12 p.m. straight after I got home from the gym and wanted to complete the wall and finished it by 8 p.m.

That’s how my day passed,

I arranged the area and coated the vinyl floor with a Husky plastic board. To secure the new flooring, I assembled the whole house three weeks ago. I was so pleased with the appearance of the floor. The only thing I did not like about this floor is that it was really delicate.

Tip: I purchased the tile from floor & décor store.

I found the correct tools to complete the project as quickly as possible without any errors or delays. I purchased tools from various shops, such as Home Depot, Amazon, and Dixieline, for lightweight tools and supplies.

These are the tools I needed to complete the job:

The task required me 7 hours to finish. I’m really pleased with the result. It looks luxurious and costly!

It gives a good accent and sense of satisfaction to the entrance. Finally, I would like to write about the color that I selected for the front entrance. It was hard to choose the best color. I was caught in the middle of the dark blue and white. I wanted to go for the dark blue, as it looks cozy and keeps the dirt going.