10 Dinner Ideas That Don’t Need a Recipes - cooking

Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended). Either due to lack of skills, time, or because one simply doesn’t want to, sometimes we don’t feel like following recipes and dealing with the hassle of a gazillion ingredients.

We’re all akin to this frustration. However, unfortunately for us, food is an absolute necessity for sustenance, and you can’t order fast food every day… not without repercussions at least. And we all need dinner ideas that don’t require many ingredients, time, or efforts. Here are some meal ideas that are both quick to make, and filling.

Chicken Salad

Kicking it off with a classic: salad. It’s an easy recipe. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, salads are eaten by almost everyone (albeit liked by less). There’s a vast array of the different kinds of salads you can make, but that deserves an article to itself. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s favorite. And that is partly because people don’t experiment enough with them. Salads are one of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest meals to make.

You can literally make it out of whatever greens, cheese, and dressing you have lying in the fridge. Salads are much like a blank canvas, in that you can play around with the seasoning and ingredients. You can add the seasoned chicken, or skip it if you want. If you’re not already sold, we’d like to add the fact that salad is pretty much the most healthy food to exist.  So next time you feel too lazy to cook a full-blown dinner, consider making a salad from whatever ingredients you have.

One-pot Pasta

Next up is everyone’s favorite: pasta. And better yet, a pasta that requires no more than one pan. Pasta is extremely easy to work with. You can make the quickest 10-minute versions, or the more time-consuming, fancy ones. Our focus is on the former. Whether or not you’ve done your groceries, chances are you will have an odd pasta packet lying around.

Make a quick red sauce, and in the same pan, pour some water and add your pasta. Wait for it to boil and Voila! Your dinner is ready. And you can always add some parmesan on top, for both added taste, and fancy touch.

Mac and Cheese

This one is a no brainer when it comes to easy meals. All you need is some salt, some black pepper, macaroni, and some cheese of your choice. There is literally nothing more to it. Cook it in a pan, bake it, or microwave it. It really doesn’t get much easier from here. You can add meat to your meal, or some garlic bread if you like, but the dish is just as filling on its own too. It hasn’t been the most popular choice for college kids for no reason. 

Stir fry rice (with the meat of your choice)

Stir fry rice is cooked rice that is fried in a wok. You can play around with this recipe too. Add some eggs, some vegetables and the meat you like, and you’re good to go. You can also do away with the meat, for a vegetarian option.


When you read ‘steak’, you probably think of expensive restaurants and fine dining, or summer B.B.Q. However, that’s not always the case. Albeit it has made it to the list of expensive meals, you can very easily make a cheaper version of it at home, which is just as delicious.

All you need is some steaks, some spices, and a pan. Literally. That’s it. There are always add ons like roast vegetables and mashed potatoes that you can add to your meal. But that’s completely optional.


We have probably made so many of these by now that we could do with our eyes closed. That’s a stretch. But the point is that sandwiches are ridiculously easy, and require almost no skills.

Unless you consider assembling things as a skill set. You can make a cheese sandwich, or put your leftover steak/turkey/chicken to use. Add some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and/or whatever condiments you like, and your dinner is ready.

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread pizzas too allow much ease and room for creativity. You can have spinach, tomatoes, olives, any kind of meat…basically add whatever you like to it, add some pizza sauce and cheese, and put it in a preheated oven. The toppings are up to your preference, and you can try something new each time.


There are many varieties of soups, some more popular than others. The best thing about soups is that they don’t require you to do much. You pretty much just chop up some vegetables and meat (optional), add them and some salt and pepper to water, and boil it. You can change up both the meat, and the vegetables, and add the spices to your taste. So no hard and fast recipe to follow.

Roast Chicken and Vegetables

You’ll need some chicken, vegetables, herbs, and spices for this one. Put the chicken and vegetables in a pan, add the dried herbs and spices making sure to get in the cuts, and bake it till its done.


This is yet another meal that gives you much freedom. The one essential ingredient is tortilla wraps. Everything else is variable. From the meat to the vegetables and topping, you can make these as you like.

All these meals require no meal prep or instructions. You can also make most of these with items lying around in the house, so even if you haven’t done your groceries yet, you can eat well. You can play around with them and put your own spin on these meals.